Jumping through hoops…

So I have done the hard part, I’ve passed my YM practical exam, but I can’t get my mitts on the piece of paper until I attend a first aid course. It must be of a minimum 1 day duration and must cover hypothermia, drowning and shock as part of the course.

Despite the fact that I am booked on to an STCW95 course which will include first aid at sea, I still have to pay for another 1 day class which costs anywhere up to £260!

A day off work costs me another £49 in lost earnings plus the travelling costs incurred getting to and from the training centre.

I also need a VHF licence which costs £110 for the course and licence fee.

Then there is the commercial endorsement.  £37.20 to take the course and £6 every time you re-sit the exam (So far I’ve done it twice which I feel is partly due to the ambiguous questions provided). When you’ve passed the course, you still need to send in a fee for the endorsement!

With my cheque I must also submit an ENG1 medical certificate which can cost around £62 and then there is the STCW95 itself which is £800…

To get the ICC I have to either pay £45 or join the RYA which costs, erm… £45…

So far I’ve forked out the best part of £2k and I haven’t even booked a flight yet! If my fella’s wondering where his valentines prezzie is, ask the RYA!

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