Christmas is a time for training and focus!

While all of you are tucking in to your turkey dinners and mince pies this Christmas, spare a thought for poor old me, who has already eaten all the pies and subsequently is on a strict diet before the start of the dreaded winter series and the looming Yachtmaster Practical in January.

I am also spending time getting together things like tickets, references and getting all my shizzle in order so that I can fly away in the spring with no gremlins waiting to leap from the closet the moment I go through security.

Clearing out the cupboards and putting my life on ebay has been rather cathartic although it is sad to see my 37 years packed up in to half a dozen cardboard boxes. And even then, I am wondering whether I should stick the box of DVDs on a car boot!

I have also had to face up to the fact that working flat out in an office in the city didn’t suit me and I have stepped back even further and started work in a local pub. It is much more sociable and I won’t be forking out £75 a week in fuel to get to Exeter every day plus I was starting to feel guilty that I would be leaving in 3 months time. It feels a little like being a student again so I am trying to make the most of it before spring comes around and I am working flat out again.


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