Christmas is a time for training and focus!

While all of you are tucking in to your turkey dinners and mince pies this Christmas, spare a thought for poor old me, who has already eaten all the pies and subsequently is on a strict diet before the start of the dreaded winter series and the looming Yachtmaster Practical in January.

I am also spending time getting together things like tickets, references and getting all my shizzle in order so that I can fly away in the spring with no gremlins waiting to leap from the closet the moment I go through security.

Clearing out the cupboards and putting my life on ebay has been rather cathartic although it is sad to see my 37 years packed up in to half a dozen cardboard boxes. And even then, I am wondering whether I should stick the box of DVDs on a car boot!

I have also had to face up to the fact that working flat out in an office in the city didn’t suit me and I have stepped back even further and started work in a local pub. It is much more sociable and I won’t be forking out £75 a week in fuel to get to Exeter every day plus I was starting to feel guilty that I would be leaving in 3 months time. It feels a little like being a student again so I am trying to make the most of it before spring comes around and I am working flat out again.


Yachtmaster Theory

It’s been a great week at Falmouth with Cornish Cruising studying for my Yachtmaster Theory certificate. It had been a long time since I did any proper Navigation… 16 years to be honest! So I was really worried about how I would find it. Another ‘El Guapo’ were lights and signals… I had been working through the Flip-Cards but I really wasn’t getting to grips with them at all!

I needn’t have worried though because the amazing Simon Rabett was on hand to get me through the course material and made sure that I passed the course! Much hard study was done every night in the Marina bar which, incidentally, serves great food! And I even got to ‘borrow’ the sailing school Dog for cuddles.

Falmouth Marina was lovely as well with the nicest showers (maybe they just felt the nicest because it was so bloody cold outside!) and I imagine that in the summer, the town is a very lovely place to be.

I can hardly wait until January when I am booked on to the Yachtmaster practical course! Toot Toot!

(thats a turn to Port btw! Lol)