That time already?

Well… I can scarcely believe how rapidly the weeks are flying by and now, with my Yachtmaster theory course less than 1 week away, a certain amount of cramming and crash study is required!

Despite my best intentions having started a new job in October, I have seemingly spent every waking moment at the office and the books have remained unopened! I have made in-roads in to the flip-cards though and a friend assures me that he managed to learn them in a week, so I am hoping that with a little commitment this week I will be able to replicate his success… (he is one of those annoyingly clever people though!)

But I am looking forward to meeting the lovely people at Cornish Cruising who I have chosen to study with. I am totally unfamiliar with Falmouth and I thought that it would be a good exercise to learn in an area which I don’t know so that I would be absolutely sure that I wasn’t relying on my local knowledge when I was sailing.

I have planned to sleep over in my camper van for the week (though the recent frosts are causing me concern) and I have already checked out the opening times for the marina bar. All that’s left for now is to get out the books and knuckle down…