Southampton Boat Show

Its been a busy week, working at the house and then dashing over to Hampshire to visit the Southampton Boat Show on Ladies Day and the Marine Resources Party on Thursday night.

While at the show I met and chatted with the nice people at Cornish Cruising and booked my RYA Yachtmaster course. Rather than choosing to do it in the Solent waters which I know very well, I have opted to train at their school in Falmouth. I have to wait for my new job to start so that I can confirm exam dates but I am very excited to be pressing on with things.

It’s been a couple of years since I last attended the show and I was shocked at how deserted it was, despite the warm, dry weather. Instead of the usual scrum to get around the stands and congested pontoons, there were seemingly more staff than customers. And there was a surfeit of shops selling deck shoes! Seriously, I have never seen anything like it!

With the show entry fee set at £20 for adults to come and view what is essentially the same old stuff, and with most people I know shopping around online for their kit, I left wondering whether there is a future in these shows.

James Ward and his team at Marine Resources put on a brilliant party at Wahoo Bar and it was a great chance to catch up with old friends and make some new contacts for racing in Devon. Now that I am back home on Dartmoor and reflecting on the fun I have had this week, I feel confident that I will be able to get out on the water over the winter.

The next event in the calendar is the Royal Southern Ladies Race on the 28th of September in Hamble. I am joining the crew of Turbulence (Hunter 707).

The Winter Season

At last my move back to the West Country is almost complete and now remains the arduous task of securing full time employment.

While I browse the pages of for inspiration, I am also giving thought to what will happen over the Winter season. Turbulence will be out of the water this Winter after the Royal Southern Ladies Race on the 29th September and the dilemma is whether to try and get on another yacht in Hamble or whether to start looking in Plymouth.

Plymouth is a new scene for me having only raced on the J24 Hedgehog there last year and this is another boat which is having a well earned rest so I will have to start from scratch.

There is also the start of my Yachtmaster course to consider… I wonder, am I trying to do too much? hmmm